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Aug 2009
Obama’s Eligibility-Where’s the Opposition?
Posted in Uncategorized by loyaltoliberty at 1:32 am

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  • James Harris

    Dr. Alan Keyes, and others like you, remain as intent as you have been, for the People of America greatly need good decent people of your qualities. May God Bless You! To ALL I State:

    “WE THE PEOPLE of THE UNITED STATES of AMERICA” are completely fed up with the self-indulgent political-parties and their ‘acts of puppetry’ from the highest office to the lowliest stooge hell bent on destroying Our Country via destroying Our U. S. Constitution.

    Most people are blinded and have succumbed to the hypnotic trance-illusions of the current deceiving-mad-magicians in Washington D.C.. All the CHANGE they present ‘to those who have eyes to see and ears to hear’ is their scheming evil-destructive-agenda to render the United States of America impudent by destroying the foundation of Our Nation, via disassembling all prudent responsibilities and dumping them all into their waste-prepared social-crematoriums.

    These hypocritically lying-pretenders of ‘American Representation’ are low-quality evil host-draining parasites, who are hell-bent on gaining total control over you and me. They don’t represent you, me, or the people. They seek to gain and obtain all control of each and every life within the ‘census of humanity’, not just in the United States, but throughout world-governments (in the name of greed and power for themselves and their so-called unknown-benefactors, who are known.

    It’s beyond party-politics, within their dramatically joined efforts, to bring America down! These low-lives make all CHANGE for their purposes; not for yours’, nor for mine, nor for the American People. Everything they state is a lie and has played out to be a lie. Every act and bill they produce, and sign is a lie. THEY are in reality and in fact, a LIE!

    THEY have set out to chip away at every positive aspect of our lives. THEY, with intention and purpose, attack our Rights, our Faiths, Our Constitution, Our reason, Our laws ….. destroying our dreams to live, to prosper, to pray, to work, to learn, to teach, to exist. THEIR GOAL is to destroy all we hold dear, including Our belief in The Creator of All, The Father, Our GOD and Our Country!

    Pay attention to what they have already done to America, and to you and to me. Pay attention to what they still plan to do to America, and to you and to me. They are the epitome of evil-destruction.

    Wake Up! Look, See, and Hear! Don’t be enslaved by the magical-illusions they perform before your shut eyes and behind your backs. They are thieves confiscating everything decent and good we stand for, including Our Lives! You, ‘America’, must wake up or ‘You’ will be No-More! ~ ACT NOW! ~

    Aug 12, 2009 at 2:52 pm