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Aug 2010
No True American Heart
Posted in Uncategorized by loyaltoliberty at 1:23 pm

Alan Keyes comments on Nancy Pelosi's view that the decision on construction of the ground zero mosque is nothing more than "a zoning issue in New York City," and her threat to investigate the sources of support for the outcry against it.


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  • Digital Publius

    A brilliant analysis rendered with mesmerizing eloquence! It is not a question of whether or not Muslims have the right to build a Mosque so close to Ground Zero–of course they do, this is indeed the United States of America. The question is should they build a mosque so close to Ground Zero–of course they should not.

    When one considers the very name they initially proposed for the site “Cordoba House” implies conquest, and the propensity for Muslims to build mosques right smack dab in the middle of places that had meaning for the people they conquer.

    When the Muslims captured Mecca they built a Mosque at the Ka’aba. When the Muslims captured Jerusalem, they built the Dome of the Rock on the Jewish Temple Mount. When they conquered Damascus, the Muslims destroyed the Church of Saint John the Baptist and built a Mosque in it’s place.

    The Muslims can say they are building this mosque to “honor the victims of 911″, but how do you call it honoring; when the people you claim to honor are overwhelmingly against it? Do you believe the Muslims are doing this to honor the 911 dead and their families? This is mind numbingly insensitive.

    The President, if he were wise, should have made his speech in defense of religious freedom, which every red blooded American agrees is the truth. But made it clear that just because it is lawful and constitutionally valid–it is not expedient or proper to build an edifice of Islamic worship at the site of the deaths of thousands of innocent Americans at the hands of Muslims who acted in the name of Islam.

    Why this is so difficult a concept for liberals like Obama and Pelost to grasp? No one is against religious freedom, it is dishonest and rude behavior that the majority of Americans object to. This is a despicable act and the President and the Speaker should join there “comrade” Majority Leader Reid in acknowledging it for what it is!

    Aug 19, 2010 at 7:01 am